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The town Atrani is located just 300 meters away from the famous Amalfi. Atrani was founded by the ancient Roman aristocracy, and became the wealthy residence of the most powerful families of Amalfi. Unfortunately, the town suffered when Ruggero II, and the Normanni domination began. This was only furthered with the Pisani invasion in 1337, which deprived the entire Amalfi Coast of its independence, and political power.

Atrani, today, maintains it’s distinct fishermen’s town atmosphere. The main entrance to the town starts from the beach, and from there, the traditional houses climb up the steep mountain valley, intertwined with gardens, and vibrant lemon terraces.


Atrani is away from traffic, and confusion (even in summer), because it only opens to its beach, and sea. This is probably the secret of its pleasant square, recently preferred by some conosseurs’ to the famous square of Capri.

A few bars have opened in the last couple of years making Atrani’s square the place to meet, chat, and learn about different cultures.